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Facebook Ads Tips to Run Your Campaign


1. Pay attention to what happens after the click

Many people are so focused on their cost per click and trying to get that as low as possible that they often don’t consider what happens after the click. 

The vast majority of Facebook ads will be directing traffic off of Facebook and onto a website. The success or failure of the ad campaign will come down to what happens there. If your landing page is slow to low, confusing to navigate and just not optimal, then your performance will suffer. 

Just as you should be testing and analysing performance on Facebook of your ads, you should be looking at testing different ideas on your landing page to improve performance after the click.

Landing page – The webpage that leads are sent to once they click on your ad.

2. Use high quality ad material

Ads on Facebook are only seen for a split second as someone scrolls through their feed. Your ad needs to stand out and be of high quality to have the best chance of success. 

Don’t have any high quality imagery for your ads? You can get really professional, totally free-to-use images from 

3. Make the most of the targeting options

The targeting options are a major highlight of Facebook as a marketing channel. Facebook, by the very nature of the platform knows a lot about it’s users, and through their ad targeting options you really can hone in on pretty much whoever you want. 

Your target audience might seem obvious, but you should still be testing different variations of it to ensure you have the optimal audience.

4. Test, Analyse, Test

All ads that you run, you should be documenting what it is you’re running and how it performs. 

Keep testing new ad angles and seeing if you can improve your performance. 

A/B testing is a great tool because it allows you to run 2 ads side-by-side and see which one is performing better. This is a much better approach than running one ad after another, as you want your ads running at the same time, with the same targeting, budget etc. as each other to improve the reliability of your results.

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